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My Thoughts On Crossfit

My Thoughts On Crossfit

Today was an exciting day. I accomplished something I’ve been meaning to try for months. I took my first CrossFit class today! (For those of you who don’t know, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness. CrossFit programming concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, so people are prepared for any physical challenge). CrossFit is by no means easy. It was one of the most challenging workouts I have ever had. It took focus, strength, endurance and lots of mental motivation. A friend of mine invited me to go with her making it both our first times so we suffered together.

I walked into a huge warehouse gym with lots of amazingly fit guys and girls. The gym consisted of separate sections for squat racks, pull ups bars, weight training, rowing, biking and lots more. We started the workout off with a nice warm up. This consisted of bear crawls from one side of the room to another, then 200 meter rows, bear crawls back, 20 full sit ups, 5 pull-ups, step ups and a few more that I have NO idea what they were called. From there we had a mini private squat session. We did 5 sets of squats doing 5 reps. After each set, we would add 20 lbs. to the bar which we finally reached the max of 70 lb.

Now the real workout begins. This workout was done by almost everyone in the gym. It was all timed and was considered a race. There were only 3 workouts, which were:

1. 500 meter row

2. 15 burpee’s (stomach touching the floor)

3. 300 meter run outdoors

Not terrible, right? Try doing this 3 times in a row then we'll talk. Holy crap - I was absolutely dead. From my legs, to my arms, to my abs to my back…I felt pain everywhere. Endurance has never been one of my strong suits, hence the fact that I’ve never ran any sort of marathon. One of my main goals is to improve on this in the future so that one day I will be confident enough to run a race. Anyways, I won’t tell you what place I finished in, but I’ll tell you that I didn’t finish last… although second last isn’t something to brag about. My face was beat red and I could hardly breathe afterwards.

As the hours go by I feel the aftermath of the crazy workout. I know that I will not be able to do much walking tomorrow, that’s for sure. I highly recommend CrossFit to anyone who hasn’t yet tried it. I do warn you though; I am in good shape and was hardly able to withstand it. This makes me want to train even harder so that I can do much better next time. I really think I could incorporate this workout into my routine. It’s that kind of training that you don’t do everyday but you do it once in a while to really kick your butt, for me at least.

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